The woodlands at Treborth Botanic Garden cover approximately 16 hectares and occur at altitudes ranging from High Water Mark to 40 metres asl. The site is notable for the extent of shoreline (1.5k) which is directly fringed with high canopy forest, an uncommon landscape feature in Wales.

There are at least eight distinct plant communities represented in the woodlands at Treborth including an ancient woodland mixed ash-oak SSSI, a fragment of ash woodland atop a limestone outcrop, 1950’s mixed conifer plantation, mixed oak-ash-sycamore woodland, calcareous birch-willow and high canopy mature oak with birch, ash and willow and an area of birch regeneration, including yew and whitebeam. There are also pockets of historically coppiced hazel and a mature coppiced lime avenue that runs through the centre of the woodland and dates back to the activities of Sir Joseph Paxton, a leading Victorian landscape designer.
Each of these woodland areas boasts unique understory field layers that have been managed for invasive species including rhododendron and cherry laurel. 

Full site description of the woodland.