Cool House Conservatory and Maize House

Cool House Conservatory

Originally a glasshouse for cacti and succulents and more previously cool temperate species, the Cool House Conservatory has been refurbished and now houses large containerised gymnosperms, ferns and other exotic species and functions as a multi-use conservatory space for workshops, plant sales, lectures and meetings.

To book the Cool House Conservatory please click here.

Maize House

The Maize House is called so because historically it was used as a research glasshouse to grow cultivars of maize by students and staff of the College of Natural Sciences. It is now used as our propagation house, where we grow plants from seeds, cuttings, division, layering and grafting. Propagating plants allows us to bulk up our existing collections, safeguard garden and conservation specimens and is also a great way of saving money.

The volunteers at Treborth assist greatly with the propagation of many of our plants for new projects, replacement specimens and also for seasonal bedding and pots around the garden.