Organised Visits

Group Visits

Groups are welcome to visit the Garden but should make arrangements beforehand. Contact the Garden here.

School Visits to our Forest School

Schools are welcome to bring school children to the Garden but should make arrangements beforehand. Contact the Garden here.
We have a Forest School area within the woodland, with sessions run by:

Wild Elements

Contact Wild Elements:

Tom Cockbill
Rivendell House,
Treborth Botanic Garden
LL57 2RQ

Wild Elements website


Contact Wonderwoods:

Jon Steele
07889 375 762

Wonderwoods Facebook page

About Forest School

Forest School is a tailored program which is participant led and can fit in with the themes of the school. This program runs for a minimum of 6 half day sessions over 6 weeks. However, it has been proven that there is a greater effect on participants the longer the duration of the program.

During the Forest school program we aim to work with the school to include the new Literacy and Numeracy Framework and other cross curriculum activities. As each Forest Schools is a unique program it is very adaptable to suit all participating group’s needs.

However, it follows 6 guiding principles:

  1. Long term, repetitive learning journey – looking at the process not the result.
  2. Participant led – Empowers the participant to take control of their learning and development.
  3. Holistic approach – small group sizes, stimulates all the senses and all learning types.
  4. Promotes emotional, self-esteem & confidence development
  5. Led by a Level 3 Forest School Leader
  6. Allows the participant to gain a deep respect and awareness of the natural world.


Contact the Garden

To organise a group or school visit please contact us: